SPEAKEASY Nineties Woman 12.05

SPEAKEASY Nineties Woman 12.05

Postby rosiewilby » 24 Sep 2014, 17:40

Venue: The Voodoo Rooms
Room: The Speakeasy
Staff: Helpful and friendly
Advertising / Audience Numbers: The venue has good space for posters and flyers. I hired a flyerer after the first day's crowd was a bit low and it was really good thereafter apart from a lull at the start of the final week. On the whole though, very good turnout considering early-ish slot and my first time at venue and at Free Fringe
Bucket: This was generally really good with quite a few people popping in £5 and £10 notes, particularly over the final weekend
Tech: definitely a few teething problems as my show was a bit complex. My media player that I brought stopped working properly with the venue projector after a couple of days due to a bad connection somewhere. Venue staff, particularly Tim, all tried valiantly to fix. One day, however, I had to do a simple stand up show instead which was a shame as that was a day when reviewers were in and I lost 2 reviews as a result. However, I then went down to Cables and Chips and bought a way more expensive media player to play out my video file. This worked fine afterwards though the loose VGA connection into the wall was a bit sensitive and once I did have to jump offstage and tighten it up. If you tightened the screws as much as physically possible it was OK. In the end, I was glad to be the first show on and have time to set up.
Admin / communication: all really good and clear
Queue: Shows all coming in at the same time could be a bit confusing. we tried our best to direct people but I think I lost one or two (and definitely gained a couple of people who meant to see Silky one day - Sorry Silky!)
Storage: Cupboard could get a bit messy with some people's rubbish but generally fine.
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