French Quarter. Quint Fontana

French Quarter. Quint Fontana

Postby Andy Davies » 17 Sep 2014, 16:27

I've nicked this format from Lyndsay Sharman who nicked it from Aidan Goatley but I think I used the same format last year so God only knows where it originally came from. It's good though!


The voodoo rooms is an upmarket cocktail bar and restaurant in New Town, between Princes Street and St Andrew's Square.


The French Quarter is a great room. This was my second year in this venue, same room, same time slot. It seats 60+ but can fit many more in if people are prepared to stand. The sight lines are great save for one pillar that you need to be aware of. There is a bar down one side which is always staffed. The stage is low, thin and wide but doesn't affect people's view. The room is split in two by a stair case. This is perfectly workable so long as you ensure people fill up from the front but you do need to work a little at engaging the people at the back on the nights you have people there.


The staff are great. There were a few there from last year so it was nice seeing familiar faces. I involved whoever was on the bar every night of the run for my bucket speech and they we always up for it. The staff at the Voodoo Rooms as a whole are extremely helpful. They all embrace what is going on and help make the excellent atmosphere there is at the venue.


I flyerer, had a bit of PR which helped and had posters up in the venue. Unlike other venues where the placing of posters can become something of a petty bun fight the Voodoo Rooms put them up themselves and make sure each show gets an equal number up in good positions. I had someone flyer for me on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but at weekends and at my time slot it wasn't needed as it was always busy.


Consistent. I averaged about 40-45 over the run with a low of 27 and a high of 80+. Every performance had people who had seen me the year before and acknowledging them at the top of the show both made them feel special and also put newbies at ease. My numbers were up on last year for every performance.


Very good. Up on last year and more than covered my expenses. It helps to have a good bucket speech. I've got a good bucket speech!


There were a few problems this year. The sound board went one night although that was swiftly resolved with a replacement board arriving the following day. There were a couple of occasions where the mic lead went but on the whole it was very good. The lighting is also very good and the staff all seemed pretty well versed in how they worked.


No problems.


I'm fortunate enough to have an audience demographic who don't care for queuing and would always get to the venue with plenty of time to spare and ensconce themselves in the upstairs bar descending once the doors were open. This helped as they all had drinks on them when they got in meaning less pressure on the bar in the room. Even on nights when I was over filled I never had a queue, they were all in the bar. Weird. My audience are very well prepared!


A change from last year. Our props were stored behind the bar I the room itself. Much more convenient than last year where the prop room was an issue. Having the staff in charge meant that props didn't go missing etc.

I can't praise the Voodoo Rooms enough. From top to bottom the staff are fantastic. Problems are resolved swiftly and it's really well organised. I know they had their busiest year and were pleased with us so long may this relationship continue. When I would hear the horror stories other acts at other venues would tell me it made me very grateful to be where I was. The Voodoo Rooms has a genuine reputation at the festival for being a 'go to' venue and it's much deserved. I will definitely be applying for the same room and time slot next year.
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