Ballroom - 'Man of Steal' 1:15pm

Ballroom - 'Man of Steal' 1:15pm

Postby pickpocket » 02 Sep 2014, 21:42

I think the Voodoo Rooms is the best Free Fringe venue and the Ballroom the prime space in the building. I'm not just saying this because of the BEAUTIFUL bar and ballroom (seriously, check some photos online) but the owners and staff are all 'on it' and work as a great team. Unlike some paid venues who hire in a team specially for the Festival, they all know the building already and know what works there. Working with them was a pleasure.

Perhaps unusually (because the show uses technology), I visited the venue back in June, to measure all the spaces and doorways and check out the AV side of things. The Ballroom has superb facilities including a stage, extensive lighting (movers & spots), a built in screen and a projector. All easy to use if you have a bit of theatre experience. 'Man of Steal' needs the projector, so we arranged a backup and took spare cables for everything vital to the show. We were told in advance that there was no step or riser to the front of the stage so we even went armed with a folding step, but we didn't need it as a wooden step duly appeared on the first day courtesy of the venue . This point might be worth checking in future years if you need audience members on the stage. Wi-Fi at the venue is OK but not very reliable. The show absolutely required it. We took our own. The venue provided two wired mics and stands. We took our own radio mic and backup.

The venue put up some posters for all their shows in the halls, stairways and loos. Almost all Voodoo Room shows had posters in portrait format and the venue asked for about 8 in A3 format. Tip: Don't just put "Voodoo Rooms" on your publicity, make sure you add "Ballroom Top Floor" so your audience can find you easily when the building is very busy. Found some really good flyerers using Gumtree & they went to either the Royal Mile, St Andrews Square or the half-price ticket hut, all of which worked well. We enjoyed full houses most days and despite also packing the standing room at the back, reluctantly had to turn some people away on several days towards the end of the run. :(

Queuing was an issue but not major as the venue staff were brilliant at guiding visitors. I understand that they are considering a dedicated area for the Ballroom queue in future years. Audiences were generous with donations.

Inevitably and unavoidably, the storeroom got messy but I quite enjoyed the karma of tidying it daily (I shall blame my OCD). If you plan to leave props, giveaways or other equipment at the venue, do take a sturdy, labelled (and small as possible) box to store them or expect spilled drinks, damage or loss. This helps everyone.

This was my first Fringe and it was a pleasure (and privilege) to be part of the PBH Free Fringe and perform at the Voodoo Rooms.
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