French Quarter - Madame Magenta

French Quarter - Madame Magenta

Postby lindsaysharman » 30 Aug 2014, 12:39

I've nicked this format from Aidan Goatley btw.


The voodoo rooms is an upmarket cocktail bar and restaurant in New Town, between Princes Street and St Andrew's Square.


The French Quarter is a bloody great room. It's more lo-fi and cosy (as in, the colour scheme and furnishing) than the other two rooms in the Voodoo rooms (which are swish as hell), so perhaps it suits a lo-fi act. I felt it suited my purposes (chaotic character act with plenty of audience interaction) completely.


Really helpful (especially with regards to my props in storage), and quiet and unobtrusive during the show. They offered to change up some coins to notes on a couple of occasions, and were generally pleasant and welcoming. I even included them in banter during the show a couple of times, and they were very good about it!


A few posters up in the venue - which staff had put up, in nice prominent positions.


Very up and down for me, but I reckon that's because I marketed it wrong. I made my pitch too confusing in the brochure and title. I'm also hiring flyerers next year as I'm rubbish at it. The weekends were always fairly full though, and the last few days were great, so it's as if it accumulated. As a first solo show, this year was extremely educational regarding marketing!


Much, much better than any years that I've been in Edinburgh as part of compilation shows. People seem more savvy about free shows now, and more likely to drop notes in.


The sound board went down one day when I happened to be doing The Painted Grin compilation show in the French Quarter in the evening, so we did the show unplugged (which is possible in that room, so maybe that's something to note for sketch groups, although you'd need good lungs for a whole month). The staff replaced the board within an hour. When I came to do my solo show the next day, it all worked fine.
There was an issue towards the end with the mic lead not connecting to the mic properly so that it occasionally cut out, but I just adapted around it. I could have gone and bought a new one if it had bothered me that much.
Lighting was fine.
All good, overall!


All good. I had a problem with the show prior to me running over, which I communicated in an email to the venue captain. Then when I talked to one of the Voodoo staff, they said it would have been better to have told them as well. This wasn't a big problem though, as the performer was asked not to run over by the venue captain. If I manage to get the Voodoo Rooms again next year, I'll know to approach both if the same sort of thing happens.


The Voodoo staff were always on hand to sort things out.

I asked the barstaff for my stuff (one roller banner, one giant fake book, one tablecloth) from the FQ storage room each day, which was handed over immediately. Very happy with the storage.

All in all, the Voodoo Rooms is excellent!
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