Ballroom - 10 Films with my Dad 2.30

Ballroom - 10 Films with my Dad 2.30

Postby aidangoatley » 29 Aug 2014, 12:40

Never sure how to write these things so I stole the headings from The Speakeasy review.


The voodoo rooms is an upmarket cocktail bar and restaurant in New Town, between Princes Street and St Andrew's Square.


Wow. What a room. A superb performance space. During the run I was visited by a comic who was in one of the big 4 paid venues. His amazement that the Free fringe had such a venue blew him away.


The team here are amazing. Full tech support to help set up which was very handy. Brilliantly helpful all.


A few posters up in the venue - which staff had helpfully put up. I flyered at the half-price hut and at the Pleasance which seemed to be the most productive.


Brilliant. The ballroom was quite a step up from last year but the lowest attendance I had was on a mid-week and that was still 62!


Super lucky with the bucket due to 10 Films being an established show. Audiences are receptive as in any show. If they've been entertained they will pay.


Amazing tech in the ballroom. IT simply is the best venue on the free fringe in my opinion. Very lucky to have it.


The voodoo team were lovely as always.


There were some very popular rooms in the three voodoo rooms this year, which is brilliant, but has the unfortunate side effect of big queues going outside of the venue and bottlenecks when people are coming out of / going into shows, which makes keeping start times consistent a little tricky sometimes. I don't know that there's a perfect solution to it, on really busy days I had to get on stage and make sure that all of my audience were actually mine. Sometimes people just follow others and several times I had to re-direct people to the other shows. Admittedly I've been very lucky with the show and next year I may just go fro the free ticketed system in order to control audiences on the weekends and busier days.

The storage room at the back was kept reasonably tidy this year. No problems as far as I'm aware. Also people stuck to either the end or the beginning of shows to get their stuff.
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