Speakeasy Legion of Doom's Time Warp Cabaret Midnight

Speakeasy Legion of Doom's Time Warp Cabaret Midnight

Postby RobBond » 03 Jan 2015, 23:18


This is our 2nd year in the Voodoo Rooms. The venue is lovely, the performance space is fantastic and probably the best performance space at the free fringe and most of the other venues as well. We covered a late drop out here and ran a variable bill cabaret show.


The Speakeasy is a great space, with us doing a cabaret show the black, gold and velvet decor was particularly effective! Similar variable shows run throughout the year and so the tech set up is very good with a fine basic lighting rig and more than enough jacks and ports for us to cater for the large number of music based acts that we had on.

The performance space itself is fairly generous but with our selves being a threesome it is worth having runs in the space which the venue were very accommodating with!

We would be very happy to perform in the space in future as it has a welcoming and professional feel.


The staff are great John was extremely helpful with all matters technical and Brendan was extremely welcoming and kind especially with us being a late addition! The bar staff are very helpful and professional in terms of the shows as well.


We had five posters on display in the venue and there is a very effective area for flyers and wee blue books at the top of the stairs. We exit flyered shows at the Voodoo Rooms from the 9pm slots onwards. We also exit flyered the mechanisms show at the why not off george street. We also had success flying on princess street towards the time of the show and on the mile as well, despite us being on at midnight. In past fringes its felt like we were flying for the sake of it at times but at late night at the fringe there are genuinely lots of people actively looking for shows, which isn't always the case!


The first two weeks were very strong indeed with weekends and fridays being standing room only. We also had two very busy tuesdays as many of the other shows had this day off. The third week was much quieter but we still had an average of thirty to forty or so people. These are the best numbers we've ever had at the Fringe.


People were very generous although we split our bucket between ourselves and our guests acts which we felt only fair!

Queing was tricky but we were fortunate that the very professional doormen were on duty by the time we were in. Between ourselves and the chaps I think the large lines were organised as well as could be expected. At this time of eve with shows in the ballroom as well it did get very busy and obviously safety is a big consideration.

There were some significant delays on occasions with shows before us over running due to the sheer volume of audiences. We always had one of the Legion chatting to the people waiting in characters I think this made a real difference in how the shows went! This is something I'd definitely advise doing, people like to feel looked after and from a cynical point of view, stops them wandering off!


This was by far our best experience of the Fringe, there is a great ethos at the Voodoo Rooms and Brendan and the staff are fantastic people to work with. We'd love to return!
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