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We started our run half way through and it was at the end of a very long day that we first arrived at The Street. We had a show just before so arrived with 20 minutes to spare and had little time to set up. Luckily it was a great venue. The Street is a gay bar and the downstairs basement in which it is situated is fantastic. There are no less than ten glitter balls and a shiny red backdrop to the stage (which was a simple set up). You could fit in about 40 people to the room but only about 20 of them would be able to sit down comfortably which suited us fine as with a small audience it still felt incredibly intimate. The only downside is that the venue was next to the toilets so once or twice on a Friday night you would get drunken women outside the toilet screaming and crying without realising that they were ruining a show. Also the venue was a little bit out of town so last minute flyering was quite tough as most people walking past were locals on their way home.

Sid and myself between us did a lot of shows in a day and this was our last one. I can't stress how amazing the staff were here. They all learnt our names straight away and were so welcoming when we arrived there and helped us set up. They offered us a discount on food and drink and after we had finished out show (as we were the last ones one) we would stay there for a good long time afterwards because we liked them so much. The woman who owned the place was especially welcoming, as she did a DJ set after our show one night and constantly kept getting us all shots. I am now friends with a few of the staff on Facebook as I got on with them so well.

The venue was sometimes quite hard to find unless you knew were you were going and as we were flyering for a lot of other shows too this one, truth be told, didn't get as much of a fair game. We didn't have any posters but we had one side of a flyer (the other side being for another one of our shows so that the people flyering for that show would also flyer for this one). We only flyered for 15 mins before the show but managed to get some people in. We weren't really hoping for much though as this show was a way for us to wind down with other comedian friends at the end of a long day.

We didn't get huge audiences here. The minimum we had was three people and the maximum was probably about 30 (for our Christmas special. Long story). The room always felt full though and due to the nature of the show we made friends with a lot of the audience and a few of them came back again on other nights which was amazing!

Audiences weren't especially generous but we weren't really pushing them to put anything in as we hadn't put in a large amount of effort. We split most of the money between the acts and used our share to buy them all drinks. The range of money we got in the bucket was between £0 - £50 though.

We were presenting an alternative comedy night and as we were a double act with a guitar we ideally would have had a bit of tech. Alas, all that was available was just one mic. Luckily the room was small enough that we didn't need it and we only used the mic for stand ups who wanted to save their voice and for announcing ourselves onto the stage. To one side of the stage (not hidden away at all) were some DJ decks and you could hook up your iPod to that (and for one comedian we managed to plug in a jack for his keyboard). Very basic tech but we worked with it and it was absolutely fine.

All in all we loved this show and this venue no matter what the audience. We had some truly fantastic acts on and this show was a much needed wind down at the end of every day. Thanks to all the staff who were an absolute joy to work with.

Thanks PBH!
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