805 The Dutch-esses

805 The Dutch-esses

Postby simonekeunen » 05 Nov 2014, 00:22

This was our first year at the Edinburgh Fringe with our own show. We would like to thank the staff at The Street for being really nice and helpful. Both me and Arna really enjoyed our experience here, and The Street's support was really invaluable. Wendy and Louise were really friendly and helped us out by laminating our shows poster and hanging it up at different places inside the pub. The Street has a downstairs area where you can put on your show, and it is L-shaped. There is a big panel for lights and sound, so all the equipment is professional and useful. There is enough space for the audience to sit comfortably. Depending on the day, we had between 5-20 people in our audience, we were on just after work hours, so mostly we had tourists coming in. The show became better as we progressed in the week, but the more audience we had in, the easier it was to perform. Our bucket varied a lot depending on the day and the audience (Students, tourists or locals). The show preceding our show sometimes overran, but the people from that show helped us out with cleaning up and re-setting the stage area before our show, so they were very helpful.
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