Present & Correct: Now Recruiting

Present & Correct: Now Recruiting

Postby dunnace » 27 Oct 2014, 22:33

We got given Sportsters for the 2014 run and as a venue it's a mixed bag, on the whole pretty good and way better than venues we've had in past.

It's huge. Like, the stage is actually the size of a decent stage, and it has wings! The show we were doing was a sketch show with plenty of scene changes/blackouts and as a stage it was more or less perfect (no way to swap wings without the audience seeing but not a problem for a decent director). The actual space though is problamatic. It's huge, echoey and will swallow sound up. For a sketch show with lots of chatting and fast paced dialogue so much got lost to a lack of projection and echoes. Still, a full stage, wings and a huge capacity (over 100) more or less make up for it.

So much potential sadly not being realised. There's a HUGE amont of lighting... which you can't make full use of. One night we actually got control over the lights and we managed to add bits that really lifted the show. the next day the tech was locked up again. Not a massive problem but a real shame. Also, sometimes the pre-prepped setup left parts of the stage dark. Not ideal, but you can easily do blackouts and a wash, and for us that ended up being enough. The sound is great, big speakers, again the echoing a problem, but it's definitely excellent regardless.

I didn't have much experience with them to be honest, but the brief times I did meet them they were very nice. They told us all about the bar offers and told us all about the cloakroom and stuff. They did initially walk behind us mid show but that happened far less after we requested they don't.

This would be a great space for a theatre piece or sketch show which doesn't rely too heavily on chaos or loud moments. For a stand up I can see it being very difficult to work the room, and spoken word again would suffer. Big shows that can fill a space is what this venue is ideal for.
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