Paul Richards: Getting Lost in My Hometown

Paul Richards: Getting Lost in My Hometown

Postby paulrichards » 02 Oct 2014, 20:30

My second year at Sportsters and any issues from last year seem to have been resolved. The staff are friendly and Harry, our venue captain, worked very hard to make sure all ran smoothly. I can't say anything negative about it as a venue as the only real problem was that it's too big for a solo show, which is what mine was, but that's not the venue's fault. It's a huge room and can feel very empty if you don't have a big crowd - my smallest audience was 2, but my biggest was 59 and that felt amazing. For the right show - a show with pulling power, a show that's loud and boisterous, this venue is fantastic. I still enjoyed it, though, and the tips were often generous - average about £5 a head, thanks to everyone at the venue for making it an enjoyable experience.
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