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A very good space that I was able to largely fill for most of the run. Complete with stage, lighting, sound etc. The venue itself is a nightclub, so some people said they found everything around the stage a bit distracting. However, pretty good all in all. There are issues with the doors which, if closed, need to be swiped open. So, you get noise bleed from the bar and have to keep doors open slightly with a stool. I have no idea why the security system wasn't disabled during the festival.

The location isn't sensational. It's on Market Street opposite the station, so most people passing though are off somewhere else. Also, there aren't many people milling around the venue that you can entice in like there are at other venues. On the weekends, the staff aren't really bothered about the shows as they play matches - and that can bleed a little into the nightclub. There are never enough barstaff on, so trying to attract any attention is a challenge too. They don't seem to provide any performer discounts or try to have a relationship with their performers - save for one or two bar staff. This is something they made a point of at Bannermans.

They have a barrier to stop people getting into the venue before you are ready, but that wasn't always in place and was something you had to police yourself. The room was sometimes set up and ready for me (as I was the first act of the day) but sometimes it wasn't at all and there would be a man out with a stepladder sorting out a light 5 minutes before show time!

The storage area for performers is quite good, but things are frequently moved around so I was often going on searches just to find my very simple props - whiteboard and marker.

Overall, a good venue if you can fill it. I wouldn't recommend this venue for lesser known stand ups doing solo shows that don't have a special USP.
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