Lunchtime of Champions

Lunchtime of Champions

Postby jamiefraser » 09 Dec 2014, 19:58

We performed in the Mezze space at 1.30 every weekday, with a show combining sketches and stand-up.

The venue is in an incredibly handy location, given its proximity to the Mile. Being able to tell people you're flyering that the venue is literally around the corner is invaluable, and meant we had far more last minute foot traffic than we would have otherwise. The room itself is suitably cut off from the rest of the bar, but I think more could be done to prevent excess noise from the downstairs sound system filtering in during performances (perhaps just a heavy curtain over the door). Of course, dealing with extra noise is part of the challenge everywhere and the management at Sportsters did everything they could to ensure audiences could be attentive.

Our turn-outs were never less than 15 or so, with some shows exceeding that greatly. I believe this was a happy accident of our timing, as well as lots of flyering on our part, and we would be very happy to play this venue again in future. The bar manager and the Venue Captain were both very helpful and accommodating to our needs.
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