How To Make a Cup of Tea on Everest

How To Make a Cup of Tea on Everest

Postby johnquiche » 29 Nov 2014, 14:02

How To Make a Cup of Tea on Everest

This was the first time I have taken a show to the Edinburgh Fringe and it was a great learning experience.

I did 3 shows and made 14 pounds 90 pence and had 36 punters so above the average audience.

The staff are great and will fill your water bottle up if you need some before going on its in a very good location it's not to far from the Royal Mile or the Pleasance.
there is room for flyers and to put up posters in the venue but you cant put them on the windows entering the venue.
It is not a rough pub but it was full on sat night.

There is a largish prop cupboard to store things a tv screen on the wall and the stage area is about 10 feet by 6and half feet.

only downside if its full it can get a bit warm for the performers and Nig Lovel generously went out and bought an electric fan and on sat evenings
because the pub is full it can get quite noisy because the entrance to the venue is only a thick curtain at the back. BUt I do think this is being addressed

it seats about 40 to 45 and its fairly comfortable I would definitely want it again.

Flyering outside there is 4 good spots because its by a cross roads and I was able to put up posters in a number of shops andplaces in the immediate area. There is 2 good coffee shops further down the road as well.

best wishes and break a leg john collins
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