Matt Winning and Lolly Adefope 16.30

Matt Winning and Lolly Adefope 16.30

Postby mattywin » 02 Sep 2014, 12:30

This was my 2nd year in the Southsider. Much the same good experience as the year before.
The lighting in the room had been changed and so was slightly darker which wasn't great but apart from that it was fine.
I bought a lamp for the room which helped slightly but would buy something stronger if needed again.

Bar staff remembered me from before and were always lovely.
The room seats about 35 max which we had only quite a few days. Lowest numbers were about 10 normally midweek.
Bucket takings were very good again but again tended to be up on weekends.

I would say location is almost perfect as you don't get too many randoms wandering in but its close to most of the other fringe venues.

A great room for straight stand-up which feels full with relatively few audience members
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