The Geography of Me - Rose Condo 3.15pm

The Geography of Me - Rose Condo 3.15pm

Postby rosecondo » 13 Apr 2015, 20:23

Forgive my tardiness in posting time has flown since Free Fringe 2014!

The Venue was brilliant. I loved that it was so central but still had an intimacy that felt a bit off-the-beaten-path...despite being right near the Royal Mile. The pub staff were friendly and accommodating, and the folks sat in the pub were always up for a chat or a story. The performance space was the perfect size for my solo show...especially as I had only myself and my suitcase to perform with. It is a cosy space, so my smallest audience of 9 people still made the room feel full. My biggest audience of 21 people felt wonderfully jam-packed.

I was able to come by the venue around midday each day and had a spot where I could leave my suitcase until my performance time. This made flyering a lot easier. A fellow poet had recommended seeking out other nearby spoken word shows to exit flyer before mine. Because I had a mid-afternoon performance time, this meant I could exit flyer at least 3-4 shows each day before mine started, which was great.

As this was my first time performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, I felt like 5 days of shows was a good length. I bit the bullet and paid the fee to be in the big Fringe programme. Because the Spoken Word section still feels a bit new and novel, I think this helped me to bring in an audience. And the Wee Blue Book is a treasure trove...folks I flyered were happy to take a copy.

My set up was really short so no problems there. My strike was simple and I'd come in thinking I was the final Fringe show of the day before the evening acoustic sessions started at 5pm. However, mid way through the week I learned that another show was being squeezed in right after mine before the acoustic session. The artist (whose name I've forgotten) had been bumped from his venue and kinda came in with a chip on his shoulder...suggesting I try to finish my show a bit earlier so that he could have enough time to perform. I'm all about being flexible and helping other artists out, but I didn't want to compromise my show and so kept to my allotted time. This caused a bit of friction and he came in the moment my show ended to start setting up. I felt rushed and felt like my audience was being rushed out as well. This wasn't ideal, but I gathered my suitcase and collected money and sold merch in the small area outside the performance space. There I could chat with audiences and gather feedback the spirit of making things work I...well...made it work.

I would do the PBH Free Fringe again in a heartbeat. Will be giving this summer a miss for a few non-artist-related reasons, but hope to return next summer!
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