JibbaJabba 6pm

JibbaJabba 6pm

Postby Jenni_Pascoe » 20 Nov 2014, 17:14

This was the first time I had taken a show to Edinburgh and on the whole I found it a very positive experience.
Pivo is a superb venue, and the staff were incredible. They really went above and beyond all expectations.
They partitioned off a backstage area with curtains, provided an A-board for show listings outside the venue, allowed us to put up posters pretty much anywhere, leave flyers at the venue, promote and stick posters in their sister pub The Black Bull upstairs, and AJ ran tech for all of the shows.
A mixed bill show like JibbaJabba worked fine there, but I would say this venue is perfect for an individual or 2/3 person show.
Audience averaged at around 12, but very few audience members who were not performers due to the open mic nature of the show.
Because the audiences were primarily made up of other performers who were often contributing to the show themselves through open mic, I wasn't comfortable or confident with pushing the bucket donations. In retrospect, having merchandise available would probably help to solve this.
As much as I personally love this venue, I would suggest that a spoken word mixed bill show would be much better suited to being positioned nearer to the main spoken word venues in the Old Town. Flyering directly outside Pivo had very little effect, especially at that time of day, as most people passing that way are going home from work, and enroute to car parks, train and bus stations. Going out earlier and around Princes St was more successful, but online and word of mouth probably got more people in than anything else.
All in all though, an excellent experience.
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