Pilgrim - 17:30

Pilgrim - 17:30

Postby Sophia Walker » 07 Oct 2014, 15:50

The size of the venue is a massive asset, I was very lucky to be getting 50+ crowds and while it was definitely overheated, no one had to sit on the floor. The staff were brilliant, really helpful, very kind and did everything they could about the noise. However, doing my show there cost me my voice. My show wasn't static, and couldn't be done with a microphone. The fact that it's an open bar meant I had to battle against a loud group of drunk folk most days. So...not really a venue workable for shows where you can't continuously hold a microphone. The other problem is the location. The only sign is quite hard to read, and you physically have to point the place out to passers-by. The door itself is up an alley...it's not a place condusive to passing traffic. I was lucky enough to be bringing back a show that did well last year, which meant I wasn't quite so hurt on numbers. I think if I was trying to launch a new show in there I'd have suffered. I think for comedy, it's a brilliant space. For anyone wanting practice on working with a slightly awkward performance space (you have a long dogleg, essentially) then it'll improve your skills no end. For fringe first timers, or for people with a serious, quiet show I think it's maybe a bit too much work. I enjoyed it, but it was a battle.
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