13.45 Pilgrim Crap Time Lord - Richard Tyrone Jones

13.45 Pilgrim Crap Time Lord - Richard Tyrone Jones

Postby Richard Tyrone Jones » 31 Aug 2014, 11:37

Crap Time Lord

Although I'd already got a lovely 4* review from Sabotage for the preview http://sabotagereviews.com/2014/07/31/c ... one-jones/ , it took me a while to get going. I really could not summon up the arsedness to learn this before the Fringe for some reason (probably depression) and I only broke £100 on the last Saturday of the fringe when I'd finally learnt the fucker and got an almost-full room (possibly cos people had the new Doctor Who on the brain). The show went great at the front where it was just obvious I was reading off a script and people didn't mind, then at the end when I'd learnt it, but in the middle I think people were disappointed that I started off-script then had to go back to it for bits. But really, it was only going in by me doing it, it didn't seem possible to learn it by reading it over and over again (though covering the script in silly mnemonic pictures did help, I had been singularly unable to print out the script in a legible size – it kept coming out with a massive border, and I couldn't get to another printer all Fringe).

Crap Time Lord was more consistent than WTFIT but apart from a few where I thought I'd cracked it, nowhere near as good as I was hoping. Smallest audience was five, largest about 25. Pretty disappointing. I thought an early afternoon slot might bring in more older people & geeks but no, most Doctor Who fans are young these days and I didn't get anyone with heart failure (except the 4* reviewer, which being http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/richa ... ord/701982 only online on broadwaybaby, brought in nobody). Quite a few people came in randomly from the fringe app. I blame myself for not putting myself in the Banshee Labyrinth at a later time; there just aren't enough people around this end of Cowgate at 1345 and none of the Spoken Word gang know or care where Pilgrim is, despite it being just round the corner from the Banshee. Although it probably didn't help that the Press Release I sent out had the word 'v**gra' in it. D'oh!

But don't worry if you missed it – or didn't even know I was doing a sequel to Big Heart! I'll be performing it at 'Utter!' on Thursday Sept 17th with support from the rarely-seen-outside Manchester, unique an unipedal Paid Gig contest winner Jackie Hagan. It's pay what you think it's worth or you can pre-book a seat. Diarise it NOW and 'Attend' the facebook event HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/843578372332591/

Pilgrim Bar

The staff were lovely and helpful and everything, but I (and Jenny for the first two weeks) had to get in early each day to set up the PA anew (fair enough, don't want it to get stolen) but also to poke blackout curtains through the gaps between these tiny little pipes on the ceiling. Like, how difficult would it be to just put up curtains guys, which we could pull across in two seconds? I did point this out, and that they would then have an area to do private events if they wanted. The staff responded with 'we don't really do private events'. So in other words no, whoever's on first at Pilgrim has to waste half an hour of flyering (or sleeping) time every day hanging up these flimsy, incredibly fiddly blacks / PBH sheets, which don't keep out the inevitable bar noise, with sticky bits of velcro that always fall off, or safety pins, standing on stools that are quite frankly a health hazard. And what if the first act's short and can't reach?

I guess there's a simple solution: don't put any acts on first. Which means not programming any more acts at Pilgrim at all, which I'd recommend, if they don't realise that it's better for us to spend 10 ½ hours per Fringe flyering to get people into their bar buying their booze and food rather than spending 10 ½ hours putting up flimsy blackout curtains. I would certainly not program any more spoken word in there unless they do this as I don't want anyone falling down and breaking their neck.

Also, no-one knows where the entrance to Pilgrim is. When you're flyering you have to point out where the entrance is - there's no sign pointing towards it so no passing trade reads the 'what's on' board. And most of the punters come down Niddry Street then go straight into Bannermans or Just the Tonic – flyering is not easy, so if Pilgrim really wants the custom we bring they should invest in a banner for the Cowgate end pointing out that they are a venue and how to get in. When you do get them in, it's a difficult space to play. Everyone makes a beeline for the denim seating that stretches round the edge, so if you're not full you're playing to one very long line of people, and have to turn through about 240 degrees to take them all in, which does not make for audience cohesion. It's a bit like haranguing a queue.
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