Heartbreak Motel - 14:30 - Annexe, Liquid Room

Heartbreak Motel - 14:30 - Annexe, Liquid Room

Postby LynseyBonell » 10 Sep 2014, 00:32

Show report – Annexe at Liquid Room, Show: Heartbreak Motel

The Annexe was an excellent venue. It is self contained and seats about 70 with more standing room at the back. There is a large (in width) stage. It’s not a particularly high stage as it’s quite a low ceiling in the venue.

The venue staff were incredibly helpful and did more than is expected per the guidelines set out and I made sure we thanked them throughout the run and provided thank you gifts along the way. There were 2 mics set up, and the venue was able to provided a projector and originally a white sheet screen to project on to, one of the other acts then bought a large projector screen which was rigged up for the duration of the run.

Our show was on at 14:30 and we had over 250 people in during the run and average show size was about 10. We had a couple of low days – the first Monday and Wednesday were no shows, surprisingly the Tuesday of that first week was one of our busiest days. Buckets varied from £5-65.

There is a bar in the venue, and this year they also had an outdoor marquee with a bar in it and live music during the day.

While the venue is part of the Liquid Room (on Victoria St), entrance to the Annexe venue is on Cowgate. This meant we need to produce a large amount of extra signs to guide people round from the Liquid Room. Likewise, the venue on Cowgate is accessed by going up a small lane and this needed some signage to guide people up the lane.

There was a small area behind the curtain to keep some props and there was a cupboard where flyers and posters could be kept. There was also a corridor into the venue which was a great space to put up posters.

The Annexe was a great space and I really enjoyed performing our show here.
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