The Coin-Operated Girl

The Coin-Operated Girl

Postby Miranda_Kane » 25 Mar 2015, 11:55

The Venue was right on the Cowgate which was great for picking up people as they walked by, as it was quite a busy place. I employed a flyerer, who flyered a lot of people, because it was very busy around the time of my show which helped a lot. The only issue I had was storage of props. I had to transport all my props every night, to and from the venue as there was no storage. This wasn't a massive problem though.

The Stage
The stage was excellent - lots of room, and very handy with the projector and screen being in place. Lights were perfect and PA system excellent!

Staff- The staff were amazing! Absolutely lovely chaps who were helpful, composed, and couldn't do enough to help :)

Audience Numbers:
I was very, very happy with audience numbers! They increased as the month went on, and I was only on the PBH Brochure to begin with. The fringe app helped, but I think word of mouth and flyering were essential. Saturdays were rammed and I had to turn people away!

Great buckets after a helpful word from Brendan Burns ('GIVE THE GIRL SOME MONEY YOU BASTARDS!') and once I figured out how to get from the stage to the door in record time to stop the cheapskates getting loose!

Overall a brilliant venue, would happily return, but would suggest to put a postcode that leads to Cowgate rather thsn liquid rooms, or make it very clear it's not at the main Liquid rooms itself - or have a clearer path down.
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