That Thing is Comedy

That Thing is Comedy

Postby Armitage316 » 03 Jan 2015, 20:52

Great Venue!!

You need a great work ethic for this venue, because without it you may struggle. But to be fair if you dont have it, then dont do Edinburgh! Its a little out of the way but as long as you flyer in advance its not that much of a problem really. I only struggled with audience on a couple of nights, which are usually Wednesdays as this is a dip for Edinburgh for some reason, most of the time i had a great crowd in. Make sure you get in the Blue Book, as that genuinely works well. Also i had great people before (Pete Dobbing) and after (A-Z Impro) who i got on with great and we helped promote each other where we could by leaving flyers out, mentioning during the show and actual flyering as well.

The venue itself is brilliant! Very friendly people run it, they are also very supportive of PBH too. The room is a good size for stand-up comedy and some nights we had people standing round the back, so you can fit a good amount in. Its intimate enough to never be an issue with varying sizes of audience and they always left something in the bucket at the end. Also its a good venue to relax in after show with the pizzas or drinks they do there (my friends tried the zebra pizza, which was apparently very good)

You can easily make money at this show, but like i said make sure you do your share. My only annoyance was a personal one, with the amount i was doing at the fringe and the fact my slot was a late one. It just meant that i was literally out all day, everyday, which can wear you down, and i would hate for that to show through the last show of the day. So make sure your timings are right with your schedule to make room for flyering etc. Alex Love managed the venue and he is great to deal with, so no problems there either. Also, as a general tip for Edinburgh, make sure you have a means of transporting any money taken on the night safely (ideally get the bar to change it to notes). One fateful night left me mugged and penniless towards the end - this was nowhere near the venues i should add, in fact in the meadows at the other side of town - but was a costly affair nonetheless.

All in all, it was a great experience, and i would recommend both the venue and the PBH fringe to anyone.
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