20:45 Pete Dobbing: Dobbing

20:45 Pete Dobbing: Dobbing

Postby PeteDobbing » 21 Nov 2014, 15:28

A really pleasant run in a nice venue.

It's a bit of a mission to get down to, but people did, I had 12-30 every night apart from the middle Wednesday (2) and the last Saturday (40). I do street performing as well as fringe and gave out flyers after my street show. About half came from me doing that and half from the blue book or already in the venue (variable). It's a really nice pub with a brilliant atmosphere, doesn't feel hectic like more central venues. Brilliant pizzas. I was attempting to give away £2 worth of bitcoin to each audience member and I alway made more in the bucket than I gave away. I suppose and average of £1.50 per head in the bucket.

The room is a really good size, it's so close that it doesn't feel awkward if you get a small crowd and it's jumping if it's busy. It's not particularly sound-proofed, but I only noticed bleed once or twice in the whole run. The room needs a bit of setting up and taking down each day. Alex was amazing at co-ordinating this and it doesn't take long.

I would happily consider using this room again, it's out of the way, so it's a bit harder to get people in, but the people you get are there to see you. I preferred this to being more central with a bigger, less attentive crowd.

The staff were really friendly, welcoming and supportive. If you're looking for a quiet drink during the festival, it has an extensive range of whiskeys and ales and does amazing pizzas.
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