2pm The Oxford Revue Presents

2pm The Oxford Revue Presents

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The Oxford Revue Presents

Over the course of the month, three different sketch groups each performed runs of around 6-12 days at the Jam House. Overall the shows went pretty well, though as sketch shows we definitely struggled with the size of the venue at times.

Venue and performance area
The Jam House is a great venue, but perhaps not best suited to sketch comedy. The stage is very big, and although this provides great opportunities, it also felt like a bit of a challenge to fill all that space at times. The same sort of thing could be said of the audience area: I don't know what the exact seating capacity of the venue is but there must have been 300-400 chairs laid out most days. One way we adapted to this was to take away chairs from the back of the audience area to make it feel a bit more intimate - the staff, as at all other times, were very friendly and helpful about this.

Audience numbers started quite low, but with flyering (and thanks, I think, also to a good review in Broadway Baby quite early on) soon got better, peaking at about 100. But even with 100 people all sitting right at the front by the stage, the venue still felt a bit empty.

The technical side of the show all went quite well. We brought our own technician and kept lighting and sound relatively simple. The Jam House has an enormous projector and screen set-up which was great to use.

In all, we had a good run at the Jam House - it was difficult working in such a big venue but not impossible, and I'm sure it would have been better if we had dragged more of an audience in (though I'm not sure how many more we could realistically have managed).
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