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Paul Dabek - Liar Liar

Postby pauldabek » 16 Sep 2014, 14:51

The Jam House is a LARGE venue, and committing to performing there means you need to be dedicated to flyering and filling the venue as best you can.
an audience of 50 or 100 is a great/sell out crowd in most fringe venues but this can feel like an empty house in this room.

After a few days of hard flyering we managed to fill the room 200 + most nights and sell out (300) on a few occasions.

The sound and lighting is well equipped but I would recommend a technical rehearsal the day before where possible to familiarise yourself with the kit (an operator who knows what they are doing is a plus for sure)

Moving head lights and LED pars were all available aswell as DI's for the Sound desk and both Radio handheld mics and Hardwired mics.

I can't highlight enough what a big space this is, the ceiling is 3-4 stories high and there is a large balcony which on a fri and sat is a restaurant the causes alot of noise, shows on these nights were difficult but I was aware of this before I booked the venue in and it does only happen from 6.30pm

The staff at the venue are VERY helpful and would go out of their way to accommodate the performers needs.

With the right marketing and a lot of work you can fill this venue but your show needs to be big to reach the back rows.

I was also very grateful to Young and Strange (also performing there) for all their help and flexibility.

I was delighted and honoured to be performing there this year.
Thanks you Jam House.

Paul Dabek
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