Fringe Orchestra Challenge (11th Aug @ 5pm)

Fringe Orchestra Challenge (11th Aug @ 5pm)

Postby Buzzovich » 27 Apr 2015, 20:30

The Venue
Venue is a little out of the main centre, but on a busy street (Queen St) with a lot of other Fringe venues, such as The Stand, so it's well populated. It's an incredible, imposing theatre space.

Performance area
The room itself is a great size, and looks incredible. I hear it was where Winston Churchill came to re-record his speech. I can see why, Acoustically, it's beautiful.

Stage was very big, enough room for 24 of us and our instruments.

Technical set-up
I did a one-off performance with an orchestra formed from strangers I met during the 10 previous days at the Edinburgh Fringe, and the in-house engineer was more than able to cope with this considering he had no real idea what we'd be having until the day. This shows me that they'd be able to cope with any scenario I think.

Staff were friendly, and accommodating. Again, I was only doing one show, but they all dealt with us very well considering so many people descended into the place so sporadically.

Advertisement / Marketing
I didn't go in the big brochure for the one-off gig, and had to rely on word of mouth. I didn't produce any specific flyers either, just a little footnote on the ones for my daily Tube Orchestra Challenge Show. The venue also didn't have the show down on their main listing, but it was a last minute addition, so I don't think it was anything untoward.

Audience / Bucket
Even with minimal marketing, we brought in 75 people, so it was a decent amount, although I feel if I'd have had a better clue on what I was doing in advance for the show and pushed it further, it might have helped/.

Bucket wasn't too bad either (about £70).

Phil J was the venue captain for the Jam House and he was always on hand to help wherever he could. He did a great job of tying any loose ends with the venue for me.

All in all, I think the Jam House is a great venue with great reputation and hope it continues to be a useful venue for PBH.
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