6:15 - Giggle Vs Goose

6:15 - Giggle Vs Goose

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The venue was a marquee behind the hotel, with two closed walls and a third wall which could be opened or closed. The marquee had seating capacity for 38, though there was a courtyard (the hotel's smoking area) where additional seating could be set up.
It was actually quite a good venue, as once an audience got to the venue there was a real sense of camaraderie and it helped make a great relationship between the performers and the audience.

The biggest issue we faced was making people aware of where the venue was. Whilst the hotel is on South Bridge, the best way to get to the venue was via Cowgate - and apart from very small signs printed on A4 (with the PBH logo and venue number) there was no clear notification that the alleys off the road would lead to a performance venue. Whilst we didn't have any posters for our show we did see that other acts frequently had their posters taken down. Because of this, it was essential to have people fliering at the entrances of the alleys so that potential audience members knew where to go. Even people that were making an active decision to see our show (rather than being pulled off the street at the last moment) struggled to find the venue - and even when using the map in the blue guide.

The marquee was opposite the bar, which was relatively cheap by Fringe standards(£3 a pint) and we made sure that the audience was aware of that as it made for a better place for them to wait and hang out whilst we set up the space.


Our show was a high energy, fairly raucous musical comedy act - and suited the makeshift nature of the venue. Despite the venue being in the middle of a public outdoor area, we weren't disturbed by any noise. The music meant that we did get a few passers by pop their head in as we played. There was a 50/50 mix of people who'd come in and stay for the show or hover by the side of the marquee for a few songs.
We were fortunate that our show didn't coincide with any of the really bad weather - and although when it rained it wasn't too loud, it was obviously fairly unpleasant (though it did in fact attract more people who wanted shelter) and the space could get quite cold on windy days.

The way the seating was set up meant that as soon as 7 or 8 people were in it felt quite full and it always had a good energy.


The staff mostly kept to themselves, and let us get on with it, but were helpful whenever we asked for anything. Most of the time this was simply a case of getting the key for the storage area - besides that we didn't interact much with the staff.
They were very friendly but we didn't deal with them much.


Our average numbers for the show were around 14 - 15 with a couple of days where we only had 2 or 3 people (but they were very responsive audiences to make up for their diminutive size) - the weekends proved best with us able to fill the venue and attract large audiences. Overall they were great audiences throughout - and performing the show was a great joy.


The venue didn't perform into the night - which was good as there was no noticeable lighting in the venue (aside from, bizarrely, a single anglepoise lamp!). Instead it relied on natural light - this wasn't a problem at any time.
PBH provided a PA system, speakers and two mics. One of the mic stands got damaged throughout the run and was put in storage, but this didn't affect our performance.
The size of the marquee meant that a lot of the time amplification wasn't really necessary though, especially with a smaller crowd.


Richard Brown was our venue captain and he was great. Stayed in regular touch and let us know exactly what was happening


We had an enormous storage and backstage area - separate from the marquee. This was a huge empty room which hadn't yet had any of the internal stuff put in - so concrete floor and walls - which was locked up with a key kept behind the bar. This left us with loads of room to store any and all the props and fliers we needed.
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