Midlife Crisis Cabaret and Lunchtime with Patsy Cline

Midlife Crisis Cabaret and Lunchtime with Patsy Cline

Postby lorraine-mcbrearty » 22 Sep 2014, 12:52

First time free fringe a ( first time fringe at all) for the 2 shows I produced.
The venue has a great location minutes from the Royal Mile, tucked round the corner from the connected restaurant of Ciao Roma on South Bridge.

I was venue captain here and mainly had to deal with the fact Hispaniola works as a restaurant from 5pm everyday. This meant PA and all set/props had to be set up in the morning before all the shows started and back down everyday at 5pm. Luke Graves (VC at Ciao Roma) was very helpful letting us in after his show to store our stuff in Ciao Roma basement. Franco and staff were excellent and put up with us 'not quite' getting the tables exactly back as they were every evening!

We ate there a lot as we got a discount- oh and the food is fab as are the staff.

Lunchtime with Patsy Cline had to be pared down to suit the venue as huge amount of props and lighting was not on the cards with such a set up ,and our hoped for screen we replaced with tv and dvd. Audiences were great, had to turn folk away on 4 occasions. Maximum we could fit in was 60.

Midlife Crisis cabaret went well, with audiences averaging about 30, but though the seating set up suits cabaret-lighting would have helped. ( but that would have meant more stuff to get in and get out everyday.

Quick calculation tells me average bucket was £60/ show

Highly recommended.
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