Simon South's Expressive Face

Simon South's Expressive Face

Postby SimonSouth1 » 03 Feb 2015, 14:22

The Venue:

Hispaniola for this show was perfect. My scenario was a man waiting for his date to turn up to a restaurant, but she doesn't show. As this was a restaurant and set out just like one, it was easy for me to fit my show in. I even had people trying to sit at my table thinking it wasn't in use! It worked wonderfully for my performance.

Performance area:

The performance area as already stated was brilliant for me. Small and intimate but enough seats to hold a lot of people if required, but they'd still see everything!


The tech supplied was perfect for my needs. All i needed was a cable which my venue captain supplied! just plugged in my iPod and I was off!


The staff at the venue where brilliant. They always greeted me as I went in, got me a glass of water, and let me get on with my set up. I even had the manager asking me to teach him some tricks! Lovely people at a great venue.


My audience numbers varied. As the venue was right between the pleasance and the assembly rooms I picked a lot up from that, but generally I had a pretty good room. Only once I started late as I had no one there till about ten minutes past when I was meant to start!


Despite full rooms my bucket very rarely got over £50. I've no idea why this was as I did ask for it, but usually my bucket was £50 - £70. I had the odd day of getting over £100.

Communication with the Free Fringe, Venue and Captain:

My captain Lorraine was wonderful. Ishbel and Lorraine both came to see the show and even supported my cabaret show! I saw her every day and we had a really good relationship.

I'd love to do the Hispaniola again with maybe a proper close up show, however I'd prefer to do it at 7-8 which I know would unfortunately be impossible there.
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