Globe Bar. Arch 1. 2.15-3.15pm. Joe Rowntree.

Globe Bar. Arch 1. 2.15-3.15pm. Joe Rowntree.

Postby joe.rowntree » 29 Sep 2014, 10:58

This was my third year in this venue and room. The reason I keep going back is that it is an outstanding venue for stand up. The room is like a mini comedy club, very intimate and cosy. The thing that makes it work so well is the dedication and friendliness of the staff. They are always smiling and nothing is ever a problem. They made everything work so well. They set the room and lay out the chairs everyday and were always happy to change coins into notes and rectify any issues straight away. If you spend the time flyering before hand (at least 1 and a half hours) or possibly more on quieter days like Mondays and Tuesdays then you should have no problem filling the room. The Globe bar is on Niddry Street just off the Royal Mile with great footfall. I found it useful and productive to invest in a couple of flyerers and have one at the top of the street and one outside the venue directing people in. There's no one that can sell your show better than you so would recommend doing it yourself as well. This is a great way to pick your audience and chat with them before the show. If you have a laugh with them and make them feel you are worth spending an hour of their time with then they will come.

The sound curtain at the back at 2.15pm was enough to drown out any noise from the bar and the tv screens which are often showing sport. If there was ever days when it was rowdy and a bit noisier I just turned the sound up on the mic and was able to deal with it that way. I know other shows at later times had problems with the noise outside but that's probably because it was later on in the day and the bar had lots more people in.

There's no backstage area and even though the stage is raised and quite wide it would be awkward to do costume changes on. There is room for a few props and extras for the show but if you have a show that relies on lots of props and costumes then would suggest the Banshee Labyrinth cinema room where I did my character show.

Thanks again to PBH and the core team of people that made the PBH Free Fringe 2014 so enjoyable. I really appreciate all the time, effort and hard work that went into making it such a memorable year. It keeps getting better and better. Hope to be back in 2015. Cheers. Joe
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