Unicornucopia 1645 James Ross - Arch 1

Unicornucopia 1645 James Ross - Arch 1

Postby fki01 » 02 Sep 2014, 18:00

Good central location, in a nice cluster of venues on Niddry St. More spit-and-sawdust than cabaret as a venue, well-suited to stand-up.

Arch 1 is the slightly larger of the two arches. Bit of noise bleed from the bar, especially at weekends and/or when sport on, but manageable if you turn the PA up. If you have a helper who can perch by the curtain and regulate the flow of people in and out near the beginning of your show I'd strongly recommend you do this. Capacity about 40 with standard seating but there's banks of cushioned side seats people can squish on to if you're that full and more stools/standing at the back. There's a slightly elevated stage that's maybe a metre or so deep. Stand-up works here but sketch, improv or anything that requires a lot of movement should be avoided.

Universally lovely. Some even came in to see the show. Really friendly and helpful. Thanks guys!

Entry in the main guide, 10k flyers of which we shifted about 8k. No posters, because if you don't have name recognition there's not much point in my view - put up a few flyers round the bar to indicate to people it was the right place. Flyering on the mile mostly - we probably put in a total of eight man-hours a day, bit more mid-week.

Good, full houses almost every night (with the exceptions of Black Monday, the opening day before we'd had much of a chance to flyer and the days it started absolutely pissing it down ten minutes before we started). Turned people away due to overcrowding on some weekend dates. Even in those isolated cases we were minimum half/two-thirds full. Some passing trade but you'll mostly need to pull people in yourself. Passing trade is mostly Aussies/Saffas/backpackers and older sports fan locals, with some younger locals pulled in by cheap drinks. If this isn't your crowd you'll need to hunt them down yourself.

Varied from about £35 (when I was really, really ill and barely able to speak) to c£180 when I stormed it on a full house at a weekend. Probably averaged about £2.50-£3 a head, which is pretty good for stand-up as far as I can tell. Figures probably dragged down as I mostly flyered young people, and young people are poor because Tories.

PA and mic on loan from PBH, otherwise nothing. All worked and fine.

Staff lovely and cooperative. One slight issue with one member of staff objecting to me giving directions to another venue to a punter when explicitly asked for these, but apart from that smooth sailing for the whole three weeks. Bob Walsh did an excellent job of VCing when required, which was seldom from my POV.

Arch 1 and 2's entry and exit times were staggered so this was manageable at my time of day. Bar gets very full during weekends with sport. But easy enough to get people in and out, the arch entrances are quite wide.

Big cupboard for flyers but I wouldn't bet on there being enough space for props.
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