Single comedians trying to impress you

Single comedians trying to impress you

Postby Miranda_Kane » 25 Mar 2015, 11:46

Venue: The George Next Door, space 3.

Performance Space: The space was lovely! I very much enjoyed The George and The George next door as a meeting hub anyway. Everyone was very sociable, friendly, and really worked well to help each others shows. Would absolutely love to be here again!

Venue Staff: Frank and Margaret were pretty much my surrogate mum and dad! Everyone was just lovely :)

How you advertised your show: It was in the PBH programme, and with the help of a sparkly jacket and a few balloons, I wheeled in passers-by from the Mile and The bridge.

Audience Numbers: Audience numbers were very high all the way through. There were only about 3 or four times we didn't have a packed room.

Show itself: I really enjoyed it, and I think the concept was something a lot of people were interested in - we even had a couple of matches!

Buckets: Buckets weren't great, but I think most people were there at the end of the night so had already thrown their shrapnel. I didn't mind, I was very happy with a laughing audience and the chance to meet more comedians.

Technical set up: Lighting was fairy lights, and we had a PA. I sent out a few emails to the rest of the people using the venue as I found the mics had been broken twice, in exactly the same way. No fault of the venue, probably just some newbie thinking a 'mic drop' was clever.

Overview - Loved it! Would definitely go back in a heartbeat!
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