Richard Pulsford - 17:15 Week 2 - George on the Bridge

Richard Pulsford - 17:15 Week 2 - George on the Bridge

Postby Richard Pulsford » 16 Feb 2015, 23:26

I was booked to put on a solo show at tea time in the upstairs venue for 7 performances in Week 2. This was a late offer from the Free Fringe so I was too late to go in the main Fringe brochure, but my show was in the Free Fringe brochure. This looked like it should have been a great space, with a single venue upstairs, café area to hang around in, friendly staffed bar, and toilets. Plenty of wall space to put up posters too.

However I had to abandon 3 out of 7 shows because there was no audience. The remaining 4 shows had 4, 7, 7 and 10 people in. So the average bucket take was effectively under £10.

The main reason for the lack of audience, apart from my show not being in the main brochure, seemed to be a confusion about where the upstairs venue was, and that it actually was a venue. So although there were hundreds of people walking past (to go to shows elsewhere), anyone who did stop was pounced on by lots of flyerers directing people to comedy shows downstairs which were on at the same time (annoyingly, they were often standing outside the upstairs venue and not offering people the Free Fringe book either). I couldn't compete effectively with this, especially as I also had to organise the techie set up when the previous show had finished. The following show kindly offered a lead I could use to get sound from my laptop to the sound box, but that went missing after a couple of days. I had to organise my own bucket at the end as well.

I think the scheduling across the upstairs venue and 3 downstairs rooms needs to be looked at carefully in future to minimise clashes of timing and/or type of show, and finding some way of more clearly delineating the 2 venues to direct people towards the right place.
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