Pint and a Half - George Next Door (Space 2) 22:10

Pint and a Half - George Next Door (Space 2) 22:10

Postby wnaameh » 22 Dec 2014, 21:36

Venue: George Next Door was once a children's library on George IV Bridge. Space 2 was a side-room in the downstairs section of the complex.

Performance Space: We were in Space 2, and it was perfect for our needs. We had a fantastic time there. Ours was a two-man improvised comedy show, so the size of the stage (very small) suited us just fine. The room itself was relatively noise-proof and could fit up to 50-60 people. Our show ended up being very popular, with people regularly squashed into the aisles. The only drawback is the size of the room meant that the temperature soared very quickly, but it wasn't too much of a distraction, as we and our audiences happily soldiered on.

Venue Staff: Incredibly helpful. They went out of their way to show us the lights/stage/technical set-up on the first day of our mid-Festival run, and always had a bucket waiting for us on arrival to collect £££.

How you advertised your show: A combination of being in the PBH Blue Book, flyering for a couple of hours before each show, and plugging the show at the end of other PBH shows that we personally were also involved with ("Impro FX: Men With Coconuts" and "Impro FX: The Improvised Panto").

Audience Numbers: Consistently high. We started off with 10-20 for our first couple of shows (mid-week), and then regularly hit 50-60 all the way through to our final show.

Show itself: Overall very positive. Our nicest review was actually from a Qatari in-flight magazine, who described us as the best show of the Fringe, and were told that everyone should "expect great things" from us. Couldn't be happier.

Buckets: Over 11 shows, we made a large profit (approximately £400) after deducting our only expense (flyers).

Technical set up: Mic, sound desk and lighting all worked perfectly. Granted, the lights were a series of desk lamps scattered around the stage, but this was more than sufficient for our needs. The space didn't provide a 3.5mm jack for our iPod, but we co-operated with other acts to share one between all of us.

Admin: I don't think we ever met our venue captain, but had no cause to report to them in any case. Everything was entirely self-sufficient, and as mentioned before the bar staff were exceptionally helpful.

Other Points: The squares of carpet on the floor were not actually affixed to the ground. Possibly don't run through the aisle to make a dramatic entrance (we learned this the hard way).

Overview: An excellent time at George Next Door, thanks again to PBH's Free Fringe for having us! 10/10.
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