Irish Championship Comedy 2.50 Space 3

Irish Championship Comedy 2.50 Space 3

Postby johncc » 16 Nov 2014, 22:16

Irish Championship Comedy was a completion show which I ran for the first week during the fringe.

Some of the Acts we had on during the run were: Chris O'Neil, Martin Angolo, Aine Gallagher, Greg Marks, Daniel Nicholas, Alan Irwin, Luke McGibbon, Richard Pulsford and Christiane O'Mahony.

George Next Door had three rooms inside where three shows would run during the day. They were divided into Room 1, Room 2 and Room 3. There was confusion at first for the audience but with some markings and posters this was sorted soon. Room 3 was perfect for me. They were issues with other shows not tidying up after them-self and issues with someone doing damage to two different microphones. The staff were lovely and put up with this crap bless them.

All the shows ran, few shows only had small crowd but mostly good rooms. I did like this venue and would be happy to come back here again.
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