Gusset Grippers space 2

Gusset Grippers space 2

Postby gussiegrips » 13 Nov 2014, 11:59

Gusset Grippers - one woman evidence based stand-up about pelvic floors

Good space, great to have storage and a dressing room at the back, other shows were lovely and very supportive, bar staff were exceptionally helpful as was the cleaner. The sound worked, the lighting worked. Whole venue was very "fringe-y" and, considering it was new, busy.

The room got very hot, but, someone helpfully provided an industrial sized fan (thanks). As others have said, flyering was tricky - I found the corner of the Royal Mile was a good spot, you can see the venue from there. The toilets were rank, there were several days when both loos were out of action for a bit, and it's not acceptable to have 40 women all using one loo without a seat. TBH, more people would have drank in the bar and seen other shows if the lady's loos weren't swimming in goodness-knows-what. So, for next year, get a plumber in and the bar will make more cash.

Overall, a great experience. Thanks.
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