Hairy hands 530pm

Hairy hands 530pm

Postby stan skinny » 18 Sep 2014, 20:44

Had a marvelous time this year, we only did a week but the show went really well and would love to be able to do it as a full run next year.

The George on the bridge
The staff were really great, very helpful and supportive and open for all ideas to bring in audiences, on a couple of occasions i even saw the bouncers flyering shows.
The venue was good sized with a bar area that I think alot of people appreciated as it had a lot of space and was quiet so, it was a nice place to chill out.
The performance space was a tight oblong space and had a door to shut out any news from outside

George street is a very busy street so, it was good place to flyer from. I think people were reluctant to enter at first because it doesn't look like a theatre space and didn't always look that inviting, but we borrowed the PA and had music blasting out and put up balloons and handed out biscuits, which helped get people in. We didn't use flyers and weren't in the main fringe programme and still managed to fill a room.
The buckets were good and the audiences really enjoyed the show.
Overall, really enjoyed the run this year and hoping to do this show next year as a full run. Would be happy to be in the George again, staff were great and it was a good sized space in a good location.
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