Playing Mortal Kombat

Playing Mortal Kombat

Postby Dommy B » 05 Sep 2014, 07:18

I did a very short run in george next door of a poetry show for adults.

in my brief time there i thought the other acts in PBH free fringe had developed a nice community and i was welcomed and made to feel at home.

people in PBH had gone to great lengths to make the most of the space and sort out equipment where needed (my show needed none, not even a mic)

the space wasn't the most quiet or best lit, it's essentially a classroom and has a classroom feel, whatever you put in it. for an informal poetry or stand up gig (i watched a few shows here as well as doing my own), i thought this is fine

i didn't see much of the staff but i heard no complaints about them, as i say, i wasn't doing many shows.

i never had any problems getting in, helping with the clear up went well, it is certainly a well situated space being so near the royal mile

in fact the main advantage is the location - it is so close to everything, so that is definitely a plus.

i am an artist who has often performed in schools and colleges as well as theatres, bars and clubs and despite the time of day, the presence of alcohol and added props, lighting and sound, i would say this still had the feel of a classroom. So, that's not a bad thing necessarily, just saying venues banshee or royal oak have totally different vibes (different from here, different from each other) and I'd say that does effect the show. Not in a bad way, just a different mood. I guess it had to feel very informal here, which suited what I was doing fine.

I had no problems with any aspect of my show here and was very happy for the chance to perform at this excellently located space.
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