Settle Down! 14.45 Angie Belcher George on the Bridge

Settle Down! 14.45 Angie Belcher George on the Bridge

Postby AngieB1 » 04 Sep 2014, 11:13

If the 2 venues I had a at the fringe were offspring, The Electric Circus would be the high achieving, off to study 4 A.levels kinda teenager whilst George on the Bridge is a report-card carrying, mercurial, "We need to talk about George" kinda situation. This is no-ones fault, the venue was a last minute acquisition by PBH so I'm grateful for the venue, but as a first timer to the fringe if I hadn't had such a great run at my other morning shows, I would have left the fringe very depressed. 2 days before my arrival at Edinburgh I was informed my other venue Lolalo's had fallen through, so I took George on the bridge ( cue 2 days putting stickers over my flyers with new venue details) So no-one knew I had a show at George on the bridge.. but more importantly, there no-way you'd actually know the venue was called George on the bridge as it has no signage to speak of.( I myself walked past it 3 times trying to find my own show). Considering then that it wasn't in the blue book and no-one knew what it was, the numbers did start to pick up towards the end of the run and on my last show had a full house of 30 and ninety quid in the bucket. I have to say that Frank, Margaret and team were fantastic and eager to help me to get my posters more prominence and to listen to my slowly blub into my bottle of bud when the numbers were low. I've sent them a thankyou card. As one of the lovely bar tenders said "It's situations like this that keep your feet on the ground..." Also the other acts there were fab, particularly the cast of A Brief Case, the big ginger guy of the group set up my mic and amp every day without me even asking. And that's whats its all about really, people helping each other. Thanks.
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