George Next Door Space 3, Knife Whimsy, 9.05pm

George Next Door Space 3, Knife Whimsy, 9.05pm

Postby Knife_Whimsy » 02 Sep 2014, 15:31

On Friday we (Ross McCleary and Andrew Blair) turned up at 1pm to find no venue captain (we'd been told after we asked by email that there didn't appear to be one, so it wasn't a shock) with stages set up, no chairs, and nothing to do. We asked the guy setting up at the bar if there was anything to do, and there wasn't, so we looked around, put some posters up, and talked to fellow acts. Then we left as we both had work. When we got back there were chairs in place.

The venue itself was roomy, but lacked atmosphere. The bar was expensive (I appreciate margins are probably low) and people didn't really hang out in George Next Door so the audience was driven by word-of-mouth and flyering extensively.

Room 3 was a nice size, but there were three main problems. It was incredibly warm, especially with larger crowds, and the windows were hard to open. When you did get them open you got the noise from the Cowgate coming in. This was on top of noises from George Next Door A upstairs, and Room 2 next door (linked to room 3 by an anteroom) which would occasionally prove distracting. Having said that, I'm not sure there's a lot you can do about these problems.

Finally the room was bright yellow, so if it wasn't for our fellow act Alexis Wieroney bringing in a load of bedside lamps, the atmosphere would have been weird for late night shows. As it was, we were able to turn the main light off and have the stage lit by lamps on the ground.

Buckets ranged wildly. I think our lowest was £3, which made paying our guest act a bit awkward.
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