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Rice n Peas n Caviar

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2014, 20:25
by lindah14
We had 2 slots that we weren't initially expecting to have, due to other acts pulling out, a 1.30 and 4.00 slot. The venue, the back room on the ground floor at George on the Bridge, was a good sized venue, seating about 40 and the staff were all really helpful, supportive and nice people to be around everyday for three weeks. Despite the lack of lighting and other tech spec, which our theatre show really needed to do it justice, we managed to do okay, with some cuts and adjustments. Our audience sizes varied dramatically, worst case being 4, best case being absolutely full to bursting on several occasions. We had good buckets too, ranging from £8 to £ 60, perhaps the average was about £25, after a few days.

The George is a good venue in a great location...BUT, I really do think the key to your success here is flyering...flyering...flyering !!! There's alot going on and alot of competition for potential audiences, so you really do have to get out there before ( well before !!) your show and get cracking on getting yourself an audience. We found this out quite quickly and generally speaking I think the good size audiences we achieved were directly linked to the flyering effort we put in. And we really only flyered outside the venue.

Another positive about this venue was that there was a really nice 'community vibe' with everyone being friendly and supportive of each other's shows.