Space A: "Take Me Home" (20.45)

Space A: "Take Me Home" (20.45)

Postby meganco » 01 Sep 2014, 16:21

Overall I was quite happy in this space, and my audience was too.

* Venue staff were wonderful.
* Room had a good feeling: warm and happy, big windows, a nice place to spend time.
* No sound bleed from other shows, just street and outdoor noise. (Street noise is a real thing, though. On ground level, close to the road, so, you may have to shout a bit over motorcycles-- and in my time slot, fireworks!-- I didn't mind this and found it kind of fun, but it's not right for every show.)
* My smallest crowd was 7, my largest was in the high 20s. Mostly I had about 15-20 people.
* The layout makes it pretty easy to rearrange seating before/after your show, so if you're typically having larger or smaller crowds you can add/remove rows of chairs and the space still "works" in terms of intimacy and vibe, which certainly isn't true of all Fringe venues!

Problems and Solutions for Future Performers:
* Storage and dressing room space is tricky for Space A. There is no storage space connected to A. The only available storage for props, etc, is in a shared room between two of the downstairs stages, I think it was 1 & 2, which means you can only access your things when one of those spaces is in a "vacant" window of setup time between its shows. This is fine many days, but because the rooms have shows at staggered start times, if you rely on the shared space it can leave you with less than 5 minutes to get your things and change into costume and set up before your show starts-- happened to me one day and it was quite stressful! I'd recommend bringing all your props, etc, from home every day if you can. (I carried all props in and out of venue daily; the bar staff kindly kept an eye on my things while I did my pre-show flyering, I don't know what I would have done otherwise...)
* Within the venue, audience sometimes came into Space A mid-show trying to find other spaces within the venue; the others are downstairs, A is the only one on ground floor level, so it can be the accidental "first port of call" and I would definitely say signage and/or a human sentry are quite useful.
* Remember that the room doesn't have theater or stage lighting, so if you are doing an evening show, collaborate with your venue-mates to find a solution and light your room. The show before me had 3 torchiere-type lamps they let me share (thanks, guys!) which served very well, one on each side of the stage and a third in the back corner of the room for general lighting. Most shows are daytime here, so it will only affect a few of you-- make friends.
* If possible, have a castmate or fringe pal stand near the outside building doorway for a few minutes before and after your show. Because this venue isn't already "known" (it was new for this year), and/or because it doesn't have prominent external signage on what is a very busy street, many people had trouble finding it, so it's good to have manpower near entrance to grab anyone on the street holding a Wee Blue Book and looking slightly confused as they pass-- "Are you looking for George Next Door? Congratulations, you're definitely here!"
* TURN UP for load-in and takedown. Not many of us did, but both experiences were quite gladdening for me, and I had nice chats with venue-mates both times, which is the whole :thing: of the PBH Free Fringe, isn't it? When you don't pitch in on those, you're actually cheating yourself as well as everyone else, as its rather a lovely little opportunity for friendship-time.

If anyone has venue-specific questions for Space A, feel free to Tweet me @WayBetterThanTV if there's anything I can share that might be of use! Good Fringe-ing to you.

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