Space 1 Same Same Different 15.35

Space 1 Same Same Different 15.35

Postby Jerome Chandrahasen » 01 Sep 2014, 10:57

I picked up a slot from the 2nd-22nd that was free about 6 weeks before the Fringe started.

The George Next Door was a great venue and location. A few minutes walk down from the Royal Mile.

Space 1 was downstairs. There is an open area with tables and chairs and a bar, and three venue rooms. For the first week in particular, a lot of my audience were made up of people milling around after earlier shows in the open area who were just wanting to kill some time. Maybe make up a small stand with your posters on it to place outside your venue, a few audience members got a bit confused as to which shows were in which venues.

Average audience about 10, highest 25, lowest 2. Average bucket 15 pounds.

It is quite a large room, could seat 60-70 comfortably with chairs on three sides of the stage. There are two pillars in the middle of the room, I placed my chairs between the two pillars and directly facing the stage.

There were no stage lights, but I found keeping the central row of florescent lights on and turning the outer two rows of lights off worked fine for me. There was no PA for the first few days but I wasn't using one anyway.

The address '9 George IV Bridge' didn't seem to correspond with the venue, I actually had a hard time finding it the first time I arrived in Edinburgh. However once you said 'Next to the central library' or 'look for venue 430', something like that, people were able to find it.

I did nearly all of my fliering on the George IV Bridge, but I agree that basing yourself on the Mile may be a better idea. A lot of people were already walking somewhere rather than looking for a show.

The staff were very helpful. I'd also recommend going along to watch shows that were happening in the other venues on the George IV Bridge, was a nice community to be a part of and I liked how a lot of us were able to go along and support each others' shows.

Small tip, the Central library is great if you're looking for a quiet space to prep before your show. If you walk down the stairs to the left in the lobby, there are reading rooms which were pretty empty when I was there.
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