2pm - 3pm 50 Shades of Webster (Lizard Lounge)

2pm - 3pm 50 Shades of Webster (Lizard Lounge)

Postby Websterpoet » 13 Nov 2014, 18:07

The Venue

I really enjoyed how close it was to the Royal Mile and train station, a great central venue. It made it easy to direct people there and to grab passing trade. I did find that it was tricky being in a new venue, though, as people didn't immediately know where/what you meant when you said the words 'Electric Circus' and a lack of signage outside didn't help any.

Inside, I found things to be excellent. It's a cool, trendy little venue and the Lizard Lounge is a really nice and cosy space (albeit with a few sightline issues). Having comfy sofas proved a great boon, a nice selling point to prospective audience members. Technically, everything went according to plan, with sound, screen and various lightning states all available (not that I really used them).

There was occasional confusion with people who meant to see my show accidentally going into the main venue instead (that said, they all said they enjoyed what they saw of Improv-lympics).

The staff were absolutely grand. Especial huge thanks to Tallah, who I felt really looked after all of us really well.

I did find that having the venue closed at weekends was a bit of a problem, as just as I was getting some momentum and word of mouth with audiences each week I had to take two days off and my numbers suffered. As much as I flyered on the weekends, most people just didn't seem to be planning two days (or even one day) in advance.

I would LOVE to come back to this venue if it could stay open every day!

The Show
The show seemed to go down well with audiences, but getting people in the door was a struggle at first. Still, numbers grew from just one person on the first show to 25 by the end (average of 12). Bucket-wise, I averaged around £20 a show (but I wasn't as proactive as I could have been).

I went in the big book, and people did seem to have seen the show in there, but didn't help get reviews.

Found it a bit of a challenge at first, with audiences unsure of the venue's location and the Royal Mile always a bit of a clusterfudge. But flyering on Market Street and at other venues definitely paid off. Didn't get any reviews (one nice blog), but it seemed like the venue as a whole was having that issue and I'm sure if it remains a venue in future that critics would start coming along.


All the other acts at the venue were grand. A lovely group of people who all clubbed together to make things work. A+, great gang, all really helpful.
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