12.45 - 13.45 'Tube Orchestra Challenge' (Main space)

12.45 - 13.45 'Tube Orchestra Challenge' (Main space)

Postby Shaun Buswell » 06 Nov 2014, 15:48

Here's my summary of my show at the Electric Circus

The Venue
On Market Street, close to the Royal Mile, and on the same street as Waverley Station, The Electric Circus is a great venue with a variety of different rooms. Shows occurred in both the Lizard Lounge and the Main Space and this did cause some confusion for punters. Even signage didn't help, as I think people just generally get confused when there's two locations within a venue. Maybe signs above the two different doors would help next time, as there were different entrances that could be used for each room, to help alleviate any confusion.

Performance area
The room itself was a good size space, fitting about 30 seats in the main area, and a load of room behind (small VIP area), to the sides and at the bar. The venue opted for for no black backdrop but utilised the video wall to show the logo. This gave a nice touch of branding, but meant that when people used the screens the logo was removed. I opted for a powerpoint presentation that had the logo on, to cover this.

Stage is very big, enough room for bands and pretty big groups.

Technical set-up
I did the first half, so was there for setup. Most of the main room is already sorted with in-house sound, lights & chairs. I appreciate they don't do shows on weekends, but the fact they have everything ready made makes up for it in my opinion. Most performers were able to do their shows with no hiccups and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful.

The only thing to bear in mind with using the video wall is that it breaks up images so people using it to project writing really should demo it first to ensure it reads ok. I adjusted my powerpoint presentation accordingly, and informed all other acts of this before start, so hopefully it wasn't a problem.

I can't thanks Tallah and her crew enough for making it a very enjoyable festival. I'd gladly go back and perform there and really enjoyed the place. Not a bad word to say about any of them.

Advertisement / Marketing
I did go in the big brochure, and whilst I had busy crowds, I didn't really garner any reviews (although a few features on a couple of Fringe radio sites and BBC news came down for my other show). I flyered every day, and mostly royal mile/Cockburn entrance where it's easy to explain location of venue. The nature of my shows meant I couldn't do guest slots, except on The Kevin Short Way where I could promote my other one off show.

Audience / Bucket
I was fortunate to pretty much fill my seats the majority of the run, and didn't have an empty/quiet show. I know the shows either side suffered a little, so I can only equate the difference to the fact I had advertised in the big book as well as the wee blue one. Saying that, my other show (not advertised in the big book) brought in 75 people, so not sure there.

I helped the other shows with their bucket but opted for a different approach for mine, telling people the last impression I wanted them to have of me was saying thanks and waving from the stage rather than shaking a bucket. But I also had a piece of original artwork each day that I would destroy if people didn't buy it. Not one got destroyed.

I was Venue Captain for the EC and hope I did a good job for folks. I tried to keep everyone in the loop on what was happening, and helped out with setups and engineering for some of the other acts. I was pleased that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the communication with the venue was great.

All in all, I think EC is a great venue with a lot of potential. It does suffer from the lack of weekend performances and needs a bit more clarity to identify the different venues, but compared to some of the venue I went to, I'd prefer to work in a place that has everything working with good staff just on weekdays, than somewhere less organised with more manual work every day of the week.
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