15:15 Richard Pulsford is Going On (main space)

15:15 Richard Pulsford is Going On (main space)

Postby Richard Pulsford » 16 Feb 2015, 23:07

I put on a solo show in the main space for 6 performances in Week 2.

A spacious room, with multi-screen / sound which worked on all but one of the days. It needed someone on hand to work the sound desk and wire it all up, which sometimes was a distraction before starting and getting on with the show, especially on the day it didn't work! But the staff were friendly and as helpful as they could be.

This was a late offer from the Free Fringe so I was too late to go in the main Fringe brochure, but I was in the Free Fringe brochure. It's not the best location for catching people passing by in the afternoon, and a venue further up Market Street seemed to capture all the passing trade from the station and Fleshmarket Close steps. I had someone flyer for me on Waverley Bridge on a couple of days and that seemed to help bring some people in.

Most audiences were up for this kind of show (stand-up: gags and 1-liners); numbers varied, from 4 on the first day to 18 at most. Not bad for the time of day, location and limited publicity.

I found working solo made it difficult to organise the techie set up and do effective last minute flyering and encourage people to stay on from the previous show. I had to organise my own bucket at the end as well. After paying for a flyerer the average bucket take was about £14.
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