2.00-3.00 Play With Myself

2.00-3.00 Play With Myself

Postby liamhaleuk » 22 Dec 2014, 12:12

We performed a character focussed comedy show at The Dragonfly for the full run of the Fringe. Although the performance space might not have been quite large enough for what we wanted the venue was lovely and we made it work.
The staff were friendly and very accommodating, making us feel welcome at the venue and helping us with any issues. The bar had a nice atmosphere and the performance area was well signposted.
Tech included a PA system and 2 microphones with stands (although we did not use these). The room was lit with basic lighting but on request the staff could dim or brighten these to make it feel more like a performance space. The offstage area was a small space cordoned off with a curtain. There were seats behind here for other cast members to sit and room for bags etc. Additionally, the space behind the bar could be used to keep props and bags for the whole run. This space was behind a locked door to which we were given the code so we could access it at any time.
There were plenty of seats. `These were set out facing the performance area from two sides. There was a downside to the seating as a lot of the chairs were tagged together meaning it was difficult to move them.
The only other negative thing to say was that it was a little further out from the city centre meaning sometimes it was difficult to get people to the venue and direct them there as the bigger places for flyering (on the mile/ Grassmarket) were a bit further away from the venue. The majority of our audience were people passing the venue. Quite often our audiences weren’t very big but this could have been due to other factors such as our flyering technique or the time of day as we know that some of the other shows had bigger audiences.
We had a great time and I would definitely recommend the Dragonfly for its intimate feel and for its hospitality.
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