8.30pm Clusterf**k

8.30pm Clusterf**k

Postby jedmarshall » 17 Nov 2014, 21:18


Fantastic venue, gorgeous pub with a basement performance space that felt warm, intimate and had brilliant tech. The location is not good, flyering on the mile reaps little rewards and any street flyering is also wasted as virtually all the passers by were commuters and very few fringers looking to take a punt.


Great performance venue that worked for sketches, stand-up and improv. A couple of birdies as spots paired with a nice big PA (perhaps too big) for the size of the room. Max capacity would be around 50/60.


Absolutely fantastic, gave a nice discount on all drinks and good at the venue and were really keen to be a part of the fringe.


On the way out we would ask people how they heard of the show, we spent time on the mile (5 people) and outside the venue flyering. Very few people came to the show from our flyering and virtually everyone said they spotted us in the wee blue book. If you ever needed a reason to hand out the big blue book (you should be anyway), people know what it is and they love it. It will bring in the largest amount of your audience.


Mid week would be an average of around 5, with weekends creeping into the mid teens. The audiences however were some of the best I've ever performed for, engaged, keen and just looking for a fun time.


Small audiences, but very generous. I don't know if it is because the pub is 'fancy' but the average per person donation was probably around £4-5. The downside is the audience numbers were small. The audiences really enjoyed the show and several came along to our paid shows as a result of our free skits.


Fantastic, great sized PA and every aspect of lighting in the room can be controlled (not with a dedicated board, via switches in the kitchen). But the spots were great for a small comedy room. I even think there is a projector but I was a little too drunk when I was explained too how it worked so we never gave it a go.


Absolutely fine, we felt guilty for missing the get ins and only got to know the acts before and after us.


Plenty of room, there is an unused bar in the room that the staff were happy for you to use.
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