The Birmingham Footnotes: Don't Mind Me 17:15

The Birmingham Footnotes: Don't Mind Me 17:15

Postby bfootnotes » 27 Oct 2014, 15:39

- Not as far from the mile as people make it out to be. In any case, nobody on the mile really wanted to see our show. We got much better numbers when focusing our flyering around Grassmarket, and only a 5 minute walk from there.

Performance Room
- Suffers from being a nightclub. The fluorescent lighting backstage is a little offputting for the crowd, but the theatre lights in the show light the stage nicely. The stage is raised, almost too much so, as for stand up the performers were having to look down at the audience for any interaction.

- Everybody was really nice about exit flyering and the venue let us leave a lot of flyers there.

- We only had a bucket to leave at the venue, we were allowed to leave it backstage and other performers ended up using it, which might be a nice way to do things.

- A high of about 50, a low of 9. Interestingly, our first day was when we made the most money (about 45 pounds) but it was not the biggest crowd (30). Maybe earlier on in the festival people are more prepared to give money to a free show. Probably around an average of 15-20 over the whole run.

- Averaging about 10-15 pounds a day. Our lowest was 7 pounds, our highest 45.

- Three microphones, one of which worked well and the other two not so well, probably due to cables. The tech booth (the DJ booth in the club) has good equipment except for the 3.5mm jack for playing songs, but it is not a problem to take your own as well. The sound was loud and good.

- The venue manager is very friendly as well as helpful, together with the bar staff when dealing with storage queries. Free entry to the nightclub was offered to our whole party.
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