The Idle Playthings- Ctrl Alt Sketch- 2PM

The Idle Playthings- Ctrl Alt Sketch- 2PM

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The Citrus Club is located on Grindlay Street, close by Lyceum Theatre, and about a 10-15 walk from the Princes Street shopping strip. If people were really dedicated to see a show, the walk would be manageable (depending on location). However, for a casual fringe goer, the walk may not seem worth it. Near the venue though, there is a nice selection of small deli's and food outlets, so it is not totally isolated.


Like many of other acts we were doing sketch comedy, and there was enough space to account for movement from the actors. The side curtain was useful, providing us with a little area to get changed and put our props. It felt very much like a nightclub and not really a performance venue. There was a couple of incidents where the ceiling was leaking slightly, due to the massive amount of rain had happened.


All the staff were all super-nice, really can't compliment them enough. From the bar staff to the manager, all of them were really supportive.


Most of our advertising took place on Grassmarket and on the Royal Mile. We would split our group in half and cover most areas, the Mile being a more intense experience than Grassmarket. Often or not we would try and do the very quick sweep around the Citrus Club and try and get some last minute audience members. This would occasionally work, but only getting in 1 or 2 more.


Our maximum audience number hit around sixty people, with our lowest around four. We would hit an average audience number of about twenty, which we were extremely happy with.


Our average intake from the bucket was about £20 per show. Our lowest intake was around £6 and our highest went over £100, which was on the day we had over 60 people. We also got a few Euros in the bucket as well.


Our tech was relatively simplistic. We just had and to do a few sound checks for the mics and also some acoustic guitars. Always make sure you get in early to test out sound levels before the audience comes in.


No trouble really. Key things are just don't leave a mess at the back and make sure to take everything with you to create space for the next performers. Other than that, everything was great.

We had a few bags of props which we kept backstage. We did have two guitars but we brought them back to the flat we were staying. Depending on how many people you bring with you, you should have enough space. Just don't bring anything too massive.
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