17.15 The Warwick Revue Presents: Sketchual Tension

17.15 The Warwick Revue Presents: Sketchual Tension

Postby davidmciver » 22 Sep 2014, 15:01

The performance space was good for a sketch show, particularly for ones like ours with a large cast. The nice big raised stage area meant we were always visible and could perform the show as rehearsed. The venue is pretty big and has a high ceiling, so the atmosphere was somewhat flat when there were low audiences, and it was sometimes a struggle to project to the back of the room. Forcing audience members to make up the front couple of rows and blocking off the back rows helped with this.

The Citrus Club manager was very friendly and helpful. The manager and the staff were on hand to help us set up tech and to iron out any technical difficulties.

The main drawback of the venue is probably the location. It's roughly a 15 minute walk from the Royal Mile and there isn't really any foot traffic going past the venue itself, so it's not really possible to persuade people to walk in just before the show starts. Having said this, I'm not sure how much the location really affected audience turnout - we had one of our biggest audiences and best shows on an evening when it was tipping it down with rain, and it was a pleasant surprise to see 25-30 people had trawled through heavy rain to see us.

Audience sizes varied from 10-35 people, the average being roughly 20. On bucket collections we usually took about £20 a night, apart from one night in which we took £120. We generally found older people to be more generous in this respect, although the target demographic for our show was primarily young people and students.

99% of our promotion was done by flyering on the Royal Mile. We printed 10,000 flyers for the 7-day run and we could have got through more (we had 11 people flyering). We used the PBH approved printer Cann Print and they were great.

Overall we were really happy with our run in The Citrus Club and would recommend the venue to other sketch acts.
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